Laity Lodge Writing Retreat

Built in 1961 in the Texas Hill Country’s most spectacular canyon, Laity Lodge is an ecumenical Christian retreat center dedicated to our common quest to know Christ and what that means in the ordinary secular relationships of our lives.

Incredibly effective relational speakers, theologians, and artists converge here to empower lay people from various denominations in a setting that is safe, serene, and challenging. Each year, 2,500 guests are free to explore choices leading to growth in creativity.

The Chrysostom Society has met at Laity Lodge annually for a private retreat since 2001.

In 2010, Laity Lodge and the Chrysostom Society partnered for the first annual writer’s retreat. Unlike the typical writing conference, this event balances small workshops with free time for creative interaction and renewal with other artists.

Register for the second annual writer’s retreat, to be held September 29-October 2, 2011! For more information, click here.