Harold Fickett

Harold Fickett is President and Editor-in-Chief of Catholic Exchange. He is the author of eight books, including works of fiction, The Holy Fool, biography, Flannery O’Connor: Images of Grace, and works of inspiration and journalism, Conversations with Jesus and The Living Christ. He has also written for such publications as The National Review, Crisis, Books & Culture, and Slate.com. Harold was heavily involved in developing the Catholic new media publication, GodSpy.  He also co-founded the influential arts and religion journal Image.  You can read more about Harold Fickett at www.catholicexchange.com.


Mrs Sunday’s Problem & Other Stories
The Holy Fool
Flannery O’Connor: Images of Grace
First Light
Things In Heaven & Earth (editor)
Conversations with Jesus (released in another edition as Dancing with the Divine)
The Living Christ