Shirley Nelson (In Memoriam)

Shirley Nelson began her writing career and ministry on-the-job, first in radio, producing a daily hour long children’s show for Rhode Island’s first FM station.  Surviving that, she and her husband, Rudy Nelson, broke into script writing for an independent film company in Pennsylvania.   When they left that—surviving again—to re-enter academia and raise a family, she published poetry and short fiction and began what developed into her first novel, The Last Year of the War, a story formed by her own teen years during World War II. That won a Harper-Saxton Fellowship and a few other awards, opening the door to a second book and other publishing opportunities.

Surviving, as well, sixty years of marriage, she and Rudy have collaborated on a number of projects, including a documentary, Precarious Peace: God and Guatemala, and most recently a novel, MK: The Risk of Returning, both based on the violence and struggle for peace in that country. Presently she and Rudy are also collaborating on the book version of a recent  historical event in Massachusetts—a story of war resistance and tax refusal, involving questions about personal conscience and citizen rights.


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Awards & Fellowships

Recognition funding for Precarious Peace: God and Guatemala  U.S. Institute of Peace, 2004

First Follot Literary Award, National Association of Independent Publishers, for literary content of Fair, Clear and Terrible,1990

Fellowship at Yaddo (Writers’ Retreat), Saratogo, N.Y., Jan-Feb 1983.

Honorable Mention, Janet Heidinger Kafka Prize, Rochester, N.Y.  Excellence in Fiction by an American Woman, for The Last Year of the War.  1979

Award for fiction. Friends of Literature, Chicago, IL., for The Last Year of the War.  1979.  Shared with James Carroll.

Harper Saxton Fellowship, Harper and Row, New York.  Pre- publication grant for The Last Year of the War.  1974