New Tracks, Night Falling
by Jeanne Murray Walker

Poet Rod Jellema writes, “Good poems are fresh ways of seeing.  Here’s Adam, quickly disillusioned with Eve for naming the yak the yak and singing off-key, yet “learning to love what he’s been given.” Such poems supply the faith-deep, myth-deep underpinnings for the book’s rich sense of the ordinary and the now. . . Jeanne Murray Walker leaves her readers with the feeling of enormous power held in reserve only by the true instincts of a superb artist.  This is her finest book.”

“Yes, night falls in these poems,” writes Leslie Leyland Fields.  “But we’re in the company of a bold woman with a stout flashlight who somehow, wondrously, reveals a path through the wood that is as brilliant in the dark as it is in the light.  I think I would follow Jeanne Murray Walker anywhere.”

Image magazine writes, “Jeanne Murray Walker, one of Image‘s favorite poets and playwrights, has just come out with a new collection of poetry.  In this book Walker asks searching questions about loss, grief, and the possibility of faith.  Walker handles the convergence of these experiences with the timing and wit of a great comedian and the intense, quirky symbolism of a prophet.”