The Dream of a Broken Field
by Diane Glancy

In 2011, the University of Nebraska Press published The Dream of a Broken Field, a new collection of essays about writing, faith, family, teaching and retirement.  (The dream of the broken field, by the way, is to bear crops.)

At the same time in 2011, on my own, I published another collection of essays, Now it is Snowing Inside A Psalm, a 75-page meditation on the book of Psalms.  “In the past when I’ve been hollowed out by the rigors of living, I have returned to Psalms.  It was into the lowlands that the rivers of scripture ran, flooding the hollow places with the water of the word.”  The meditations are drawn from my own travels, the thoughts I pick up from the land, and a few excerpts from Covered Wagon Women, also published by Nebraska.