More Than Words

Good books inspire the imagination, jump-start creativity, and kindle new ideas. So it’s no surprise that for these twenty-one members of the Chrysostom Society (a renowned contemporary Christian writers’ group) the works of classic literary masters have played an influential role in shaping their writing.
In this revised and updated volume of Reality and the Vision, which includes five new chapters, best-selling authors Philip Yancey and James Calvin Schaap ask the question, “Who has helped form you as a writer of faith?” The answers they found are surprising, captivating, and instructive:

• Richard Foster explains how reading from the ancient devotional masters helped him to manage a frenetic modern schedule.
• Walter Wangerin Jr. shares how the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tales helped him make sense of his world.
• Virginia Stem Owens confesses that Søren Kierkegaard, a Danish philosopher famous for his melancholy, helped her cope with a family crisis.
• Eugene Peterson tells how he became a better pastor by scheduling regular appointments with the Russian novelist Fyodor Dostoevsky.

A short reading guide at the end of each chapter serves as an invitation to explore these classic works further. More Than Words is a delightful way to deepen an appreciation of fine literature and a thoughtful gift for those who love good books.