The Glen Workshop

Sponsored by Image, the acclaimed journal exploring the intersection of art and faith, the Glen Workshops are innovative and enriching programs combining the best elements of workshops, arts festivals, and conferences. 2011 marks the Glen’s 17th year. There are two workshops each summer: Glen East in South Hadley, MA, and Glen West in Santa Fe, NM.

Classes are held concurrently each morning, taught by nationally known authors and artists, and are small enough to allow faculty to give close attention to each participant. Writing workshops combine general instruction and discussion with the workshop experience—each student’s work is read and discussed critically. Visual arts students create new work throughout the week while also receiving individual and general instruction. Seminar classes explore the workshop theme in more depth via discussion and in-class creativity. Afternoons and evenings feature readings, lectures, and concerts. Each day concludes with a worship service incorporating the arts. Free time (including a free day) provides all participants opportunities for conversation, hiking, and exploring the nearby attractions and stunning scenery. The Glen also offers a retreat option for those who wish to join us for meals, readings, and worship, but prefer to spend mornings creating, exploring, or in contemplation.

Like its sponsor, Image, the Glen is grounded in a Christian perspective, but its tone is informal and hospitable to all spiritual wayfarers. The Glen has received many rave reviews: one returning attendee said “I loved the stimulation the Glen offers at every level – intellectual, spiritual, creative, social – I leave with an abundance of insight, refreshed truths, and new perspectives to carry with me (not to mention fuel-injected creative drive…).” Another said simply, “The best thing about the Glen is the fellowship of artists for whom faith is not a dirty word.” Learn more about the fellowship and creative fuel found at the Glen by visiting