What Good is God?
by Philip Yancey

From Philip Yancy:

What does religious faith offer peasants undergoing persecution, or students recovering from a campus massacre, or women who have spent years of virtual slavery in the sex trade?  What good is God in situations like these?  For most of my career I have delved into the hard questions of faith, writing books with titles like Where Is God When It Hurts?Disappointment with GodPrayer: Does It Make Any Difference? and Church: Why Bother? Most of my books—like this one—have a question as a title because, frankly, my own faith starts with questions.

In this book I tackle perhaps the most basic faith question of all: What good is God?  It’s a universal question which I put to the test in ten places on four different continents.  Although the book addresses issues of faith, it does so in real-world settings, not abstractly.  In my travels I have found a deep longing in almost everyone: the desire for change, the hope that somehow God can wrest permanent good out of this flawed planet and us its flawed inhabitants.  Dare we entertain such a hope?  This book is my attempt to answer the question.  First, as a journalist, I search for a faith that matters.  Then the tables get turned and I’m the one who has to speak to an audience hungry for answers.  And now you, the readers, join that audience.